Sports Cars for
Next Generations

A desirable car, true "mobile device" ‐ designed for providing an amazing driving experience.


Since our youth, sports cars have always been an object of fascination and desire. We have grown up looking at them, dreaming about them and eventually, if we were lucky enough, drive one - have fun and enjoy the excitement. 


We ensure that next generations of drivers have the same opportunities: dreaming, enjoying the excitement and the fun of driving, seamlessly integrated in their digital lifestyle.


We open the Pandora's box of the automotive industry.
Kick back, relax and watch, or join us in building the future.

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What the press says about Scarlet:

Whatever it ends up being, we assume it will be fast.“

But hell, it’s 2012, and if we’re not going to see innovation in the auto industry now, then when are we?”

...It’s even less common when the company promises a switch-up of the typical automaker’s formula.”